School of Aeronautical Engineering
by Air Services Limited

Founded in 2015, rooted in the Maintenance Division of Air Services Limited, the Air Services Limited Aeronautical Engineering School is accredited by the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and is geared towards developing the aviation industry in Guyana. The school trains students to attain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License (AME), thereby becoming Aeronautical Engineers. Our curriculum is designed in accordance to industry standards, and our training structure allows for exposure to a diverse fleet of airplanes.

Quick Facts

  • Established 2015
  • Approved by Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)
  • Internationally recognized licenses
  • Access to the largest fleet of aircraft in Guyana
  • Learn in a real company environment
  • Hands-on experience
  • Leadership capacity building

Internationally Recognized

Our training is approved by GCAA and your achieved licenses are internationally recognized.

Immersive Learning

Learning happens inside our Ogle hangar where real work takes place.

Industry Standard

Our courses and materials are continuously updated to international standards of the aviation industry.

Most Diverse Fleet

Air Services Limited has the largest fleet of aircraft in Guyana.

Real Hands-on Learning

Gain experience as you learn

Learning takes place in our company's Ogle hangar where seasoned engineers help our students to build knowledge, practical ability and leadership qualities.

Our Diversed Fleet

means vast exposure for you

We are really, really into airplanes. That's why we have the most diverse fleet of aircraft in Guyana. This means you will gather vast experience with each of them.

Our Training

Your path to becoming an aeronautical engineer


Airframe & Powerplant (A&C)

Become qualified to fix and service aircraft. With the Airframe and Power Plant course, you will attain practical knowledge of the airplane’s structure (airframe) and engine (power plant).


Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. Avionic systems include communications, navigation, the display and management of multiple systems, and the hundreds of systems that are fitted to aircraft to perform individual functions.

Modular Courses

We offer training in modular courses. We currently offer training in Aircraft Electrical and Compass Compensation & Adjustment.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors have completed the GCCA-required Aviational Instructional Program

Tularam Ramsukh

Senior Instructor

Mr. Ramsukh has served as Chief Engineer for more than 26 years in the aviation industry — both in Guyana and the Caribbean. He holds a broad spectrum of licenses, including the American FAA Inspection Authorisation, enabling him to manage a diverse fleet of airplanes.

Leon Oudit

Aircraft Engineer/ Instructor

Leon has over 3 years of engineering experience with a wide variety of aircraft. He is a holder of a LWTR License; Turbine & Piston Engines and Aeroplanes 1.

Joel McCammon

Aircraft Engineer/ Avionics Instructor

Joel the veteran engineer packs a whopping 34 years of industry experience, starting as an Avionics Technician in the Guyana Defence Force, and now holds the Aircraft Electrical and Compass Compensation licenses.

Roy Kadaru

Principal / Instructor

Mr. Kadaru is an Avionics & NDT Technician with over 28 years of engineering experience. This former Airworthiness Inspector of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority is now the principal and instructor at this school, passing invaluable knowledge and experiences to our students.

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